Project Description


DeInstitutionaized LLC’s is pleased to share WITNESS UNPROTECTED has been acquired by Marvista Entertainment. For More information on the film please visit Marvista Entertainment’s Catalogue: HERE

Synopsis: Sam is a divorced freelance photographer who is struggling to put her daughter, Laurie, through college. She takes any job, even the dangerous ones, to keep the paychecks coming. Her latest assignment, given to her by a private investigation firm, goes horribly wrong when Sam suspects the subject of her stakeout may have been the victim of foul play. While investigating for herself, she finds the woman murdered. Right as she’s about to flee, the cops show up, and it looks like Sam is the culprit. Arrested and taken to jail, it soon becomes clear that the woman Sam was hired to take photos of was involved in a dark world of blackmail and deceit. In a battle to clear her name, more and more information comes to light that implicates the very people who are trying to put Sam behind bars. Now she must race to prove her innocence before more people end up dead.

Directed by: Fred Olen Ray