Project Description

DeInstitutionalized steps into a scripted series with the live action action/drama FraXtur.  Set in a post apocalyptic world as a group of millennial teens must come of age quickly to survive.

SynopsisWhen an experiment goes wrong at the science center, a group of teenagers are pushed into another dimension and a world that looks much like our own 100 years after an apocalyptic war. Now the teens must fight to survive and figure out a way back home to save our world from sharing the same horrible fate.

Necessity can make strange bedfellows it is said. This misfit band of teenagers is forced to overcome prejudices, judgments and even outright fear of each other to survive against new common enemies. When faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, our heroes band together to cooperatively use each other’s differences to become a stronger unit. They learn that each person is unique, and in that uniqueness, a diverse opportunity for growth and learning can arise… They learn the importance of tolerance and appreciation for differences; that it can mean the difference between life and death in this family friendly post apocalyptic journey they accidentally embark upon.

Series regular cast: Brittany Curran, Denise Richards, Karl Yune, Leon Thomas III,  Max Adler, multiple Emmy winner Kristos Andrews, Camille Winbush, Cody Saintgnue, multiple Emmy winner Eric Nelsen, Ciara Hanna, Sinjin Rosa and Chasty Ballesteros. Guest starring: Dallas Page, Maria Conchita Alonso and multiple Emmy winner Jade Harlow. (as announced in Variety Magazine

Series Creator: Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray

Series Writer and Co-creator: Zack Ward

Executive produced by: Gerald Webb, Christopher Ray, Gregori J. Martin and Scott Thomas Reynolds

The series filmed in Los Angeles in Spring 2018 and is currently in post production.

Conceptual photos:

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