Project Description

They Want Dick Dickster

Winner of the Bronze 2019 Viewer’s Choice Telly Award!

Synopsis: Director of the Cult classic film Cult of Doom, Dick Dickster (Robert R. Shafer), has delusions of grandeur but reality is hitting this drunk hack, his big ego and bad attitude hard. He’s broke, unemployable and his manager, Sammy Davas Jr. (Tim Russ) wants to dump him as a client. Dick owes the mob fifty grand and a debt hit man Tony Baritoni has been sent to collect. When a film school student begins filming a documentary about Dick the interviews with producers, directors and actors reveal just how bizzare “The Dickster” truly is. As the mob, D.A. and his wife close in on him, Dick seizes the only opportunity he has left when a mysterious producer offers him $100K to turn his classic Cult of Doom into the porno: Cult of Poon. But is he too late? As production begins, Dick must face all of his demons. Will the Cult Doom Dickster? Or will he get “laid and paid” winning in the end?


Release Date: November 13, 2018

Distributed by: Indican Pictures