15 Minutes With Profiles DeInstitutionalized Partner Gerald Webb

Journalist Michael McClelland  has penned an in depth profile article on DeInstitutionalized partner, Gerald Webb for his popular 15 MINUTES WITH blog. Michael has interviewed the likes of Pharrell Williams, Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  He is known for his intimate and in depth views into his interviewees lives and professions.

Gerald is humbled and amazed at the care and depth Michael achieved with this story. Click the photo below to read the article.

Gerald Webb – From Scratch

Written By: Michael D. McClellan | Gerald Webb arrived in Hollywood the way you might expect, landing in Playa del Rey with the same dreams that others have packed into well-worn suitcases countless times before him, the odds stacked overwhelmingly against his outsized ambition, an unforgiving film industry primed to grind him up and spit the tiny bits and pieces cross country, spitting him back from whence he came.